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Name:Heroes Femslash
Location:Arizona, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Archive for all femslash fanworks for the hit show Heroes
Welcome to Heroes_Femslash. As the name implies this community is for all fanworks (fiction, art, discussion) relating to the hit NBC show Heroes that include female/female pairings. This will hopefully become a useful archive for all looking to explore the complex and intriguing relationships between the women of Heroes. Please note that this community is separate from the community of the same name on LiveJournal. In no way am I pretending to be the LJ's moderator or maintainer.


All fanfictions, fan mixes, graphics, icons, memes, discussion, are welcome and encouraged as long as it pertains to Heroes and femslash. A pairing need not be the center point of your fanwork, it just must relate to femslash in someway. RPF is also allowed.

Please post your work underneath a cut to help preserve the circles of subscribers and those without high speed Internet connections.

Reposting (either from LiveJournal or other archives) is allowed. I’d like this to be useful archive of Heroes femslash and since Dreamwidth is still young x-posting is to be expected.

Please tag and provide a rating for all your entries. It helps people find particular things they might be looking for such as graphics, fics, icons, etc. If you need a tag that is not available just PM me and I will create one for you.

Respect other members as you would like to be respected. Don’t bash or flame just because of one person’s opinion, views, or pairing of choice. It is a big Internet and there is room for everyone.

Finally please use the following header for your work:


Enjoy and have fun!



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